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Danila but also Stella… is the creative visionary behind Crafters Events. An inspired and skillful collaborator, DanilaStella always wins the trust and respect of her clients and colleagues, making every event she works a masterpiece.

What she credits to her unique approach to events planning is two divergent work styles that when harmoniously blended together make her the maestro of executing ambitious- and all together unique- concepts.

Working with DanilaStella, clients enjoy her bold, can-do attitude where it comes to bringing their personal visions to life. Every project she involves herself in can be depended upon to be carried out with the greatest attention to precision and accuracy. Thorough and rigorous, DanilaStella is constantly in pursuit of perfection. In concert, to every one of her events, she also brings a more creative, imaginative, and passionate side to her work. DanilaStella describes herself as a volcano of ideas that is constantly searching for solutions outsideof the box.

As an event crafter DanilaStella’s design work is bright and innovative. Involving her client in every step of the experience from conceptual design to the big day DanilaStella guarantee to deliver that extra touch, throw in that last surprise, and create a distinctiveness to your special day that clients cherish and that will make your event stand out. To DanilaStella the unexpected can always be expected, making bringing a client’s vision to life not only possible but paramount. A Danila Stella event will always find a new creative avenue, and deliver excellent and innovative solutions as beautiful as they are perfect, altogether creating an effective and successful event.

DanilaStella has over ten years of experience in the event’s industry. It was only after organizing her own wedding, however, that she decided to enter the world of Matrimonial Events to help other partners reach the flawlessness that every special day deserves. An exceptional and one of a kind day comes about through attention to the unique and exclusivethe details that makes it individual to each set of partners. DanilaStella’s continuous search for harmony within all the elements that comprise the big day and addition of unique handmade elements are the essential ingredients that distinguishes her clients’ events, and have lead to overwhelming satisfaction for all the clients that have chosen DanilaStella and she had the opportunity to work for.

about you and your special day

I believe that what makes us all perfectare the parts of us that are unique and unlike others. I also believe what makes an event special is a reflection of that individuality.

The day of your wedding is a celebration of your personality, your joint history with your partner. To achieve this there are several services DanilaStella guarantees to all of their clients.

For your event you will enjoy beautiful handmade elementscreated exclusively for you.

DanilaStella’s promises to provide a Plan B that they know has to be as perfect and beautiful as the original plan, otherwise it cannot be considered.

During your special day clients should have to think only of having fun and embracing the excitement of their future together with their partner. When you rely on a professional wedding planner, it is their job to take care of everything else. You will be able to enjoy your wedding fully, knowing that you will not have to deal with the stresses of organization. Leading up to the day Danila Stella will work tirelessly to achieve your vision. When the big day finally comes around, not only do they promise that you will love the day you have created together, but you will find the journey just as stress free as the event itself. DanilaStella will work to beat expectation all of your expectations, while reflecting your personality and desires flawlessly.

wedding crafter

Great achievements are never the result of the work of only one person, but always the goal of the coordination of a team of dedicated individuals. Therefore in order to offer an impeccable service

DanilaStella promise that all of their professional partnerships are only with the most extraordinary and talented specialists. You will be introduced to portrait, designers, tailors and stylists, entertainment artists, sculptors, make-up and hair stylist, and many more creative minds to make extraordinary and surprising projects, crafted exclusively for you.