DanilaStella has many years of experience in the events industry. She considers it an incredible privilege to pass on her knowledge, and some of her tricks to the trade she has picked up over the years.  During these courses in addition to revealing the secrets of this job learned in over 10 years of experience in this field, students will analyze case studies and meet with some of our suppliers to allow you to get in touch with industry professionals who can provide optimal views on more technical issues. These courses are designed to allow you to create your vendors book immediately in order to start business straight away.

The small number of participants that each course is restricted to allows a more individual approach to solve the doubts, concerns and issues of each student. In fact, the course is also a great way to evaluate new talents and new recruits to hire in her events. She is always looking for motivated and talented candidates to join our team.

Studying and preparation is very important but you can only learn the real profession with practice. For those who want to test themselves in practice, it is planned for all students to have the opportunity to accompany DanilaStella to events  after completion of the course.

Wedding ed Event Planner MasterClass

26/27 Nov. 2022
9am to 1pm