What is an Event Crafter?

An Event Crafter is the creator of the entire 360 degrees of an event, from planning, developing, budget management and finding suppliers, but above all else creates a unique special and exclusive event. They combine both creativity and planning with the unique touch of bespoke handcrafted features or with the help of highly qualified and selected suppliers in order to create original elements that serve to characterize that specific event. Often, the project of an event or a wedding can be reproduced to new customers by mixing or changing few elements. An event or wedding “tailored made” by an Event Crafter due the exclusivity of the details specifically designed to reflect the brand or personality of the couple, and given the high level of customization, can no longer be reused in other contexts. A Craft Event is a unique and unrepeatable emotion.

How long in advance do I need to contact you?

There is no dead line, you can contact me anytime, at the beginning of the organization to get an idea or if you already know that you will want to rely on a professional, or if while you are organizing encounter any problems or you realize that help may be for you. Each event is unique to an Event Crafter, so with this timelines are personalized and never standardized. Contact me and together we will evaluate how to proceed at your own timing.

How much does a wedding crafter cost?

I like the idea of being able to provide the exact service you want, being able to make a wedding “designed and tailored just about you.” Given the highly personalized connotation of an event crafted, conceived and designed exclusively for the personality of the couple, even estimate budget deserves a “tailored” study. Write me, call me or meet me! Explain to me your idea or your needs. My estimates as well as a meeting are always free and without commitment!

I have no idea of ​​the budget to organize a wedding!

From classic wedding to the more personalized you can imagine, the number of shadows of the budget are endless. The variables are as many as are the preferences of the couple. There is no budget predetermined but budget that needs to be optimized. Write me, call me or meet me! We will elaborate the budget together, we won’t evaluate the feasibility, but how to get what you want within your budget and which suppliers reflect your idea of ​​wedding and expenses.

Do you only work in Milan and London?

Fortunately we live in an age where distance can be easily overcome by technology. Planes, trains, Skype, and internet messaging are all wonderful inventions that allow me to join you and get in touch according to your needs. If you think I’m the professional who attends your idea of ​​event or wedding and that can help you achieve your dreams for your big day do not hesitate in contact me. Creative people have no confines and certainly distances can’t be a limit at all!

I want to organize everything myself but I need someone to manage just the wedding day, can you?

Sure! The service Not just a Day is designed exactly for you. The wedding day contingencies, managing timelines relatives and friends, and coordination of suppliers can’t not be a bride or guest problem. It needs calm professional with creativity and problem solving skills at the ready. Here I am! I will meet your suppliers in advance, I will study the timing and the program and I will be with you on your day allowing spouses and guests to fully enjoy the party smoothly and without stress.

Will you will be there on the wedding day?

Sure! At the wedding day the Stars of the show are the spouses, but the unobtrusive presence of the wedding planner is essential. Like an orchestra conductor my invisible but alert and punctual hand will take care of managing all the unexpected knots, to coordinate the vendors and guests so that everything runs smoothly without a hitch like an harmonious symphony. Spouses and guests can enjoy the party, smiling, relaxed and happy in all the photos.