A wedding is the one day you will remember forever. That is why so many partners choose to have a professional at their side to advise them and help keep everything under control. Together without stress and working within your budget, we can create a unique and exclusive day designed especially for you.


As is true that there is never a second chance to make a good first impression, it is equally true that there will be no second chance to make the long-awaited and dreamed “proposal”. That is why everything has to be planned down to the smallest detail to surprise and enchant your sweetheart. You provide the ring and get down on one knee, and DanilaStella will take care of everything else. A moment that will be remembered forever and told countless times deserves a unique and special design crafted specifically for your love story.

wedding crafter

More than a Wedding Planner: you will have a Wedding Crafter at your service. DanilaStella will not simply help you to plan your big day, but will help you to create the wedding of your dreams. Every detail will be designed and produced exclusively for you. She will follow and inform you in all phases of the organization process from an initial sit-down, to the development of the project until the very last moment of dismantling. As you prefer you will have at your disposal DanilaStella’s trusted suppliers, or she will follow you in thevendor of your choice. The event will be shaped and implemented exactly as you and your partner have always dreamed, and every detail will show a unique story: Yours.

not just a day

If you prefer to plan and organize your event in complete autonomy, but on your wedding day you would like to fully enjoy all of your efforts without having to be on the front lines (think about solving hitches, managing guests, coordinating suppliers, equipment and setup) you can select to have DanilaStella presence solely on your wedding day to insure that everything runs smoothly. This service includes a preemptive meeting from our team with your vendors, and supervision on your wedding day.

tropical wedding

If when envisioning your wedding day what comes to mind is a backdrop of breathtaking landscape, this is the service designed for you. White beaches fringed with palm trees lulled by the melody of waves, or a spectacular infinity pool overlooking the ocean, perhaps at sunset. There are limitless exotic paradises that can be the perfect setting for your wedding. DanilaStella’s services can be extended to include destination weddings, there are as many options for locations as are the emotions you will experience in telling your “yes I do” surrounded by the fascinating spectacle of nature.

same sex

When a wedding involves an exaltation of love and a celebration of a new union, it is all that truly matters to the organisation of a beautiful and memorable event. DanilaStella has always purposely used the term “partners”, not bride and groom, to frame its clients. Even before the formal approval by law of gay marriage in Italy, gay marriage has always been an issue very close to the heart of Milanese native DanilaStella. A wedding organized by DanilaStella is always an event tailored, unique, and unrepeatable, irrespective of all else.